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It's amazing what you save by addressing climate change

If not attenuated, climate change is likely to trigger severe economic, social and environmental consequences. Winning companies are able to adapt their business model and to actively participate to a low-carbon economy. Tackling climate change adequately allows your company to reduce costs while strengthening its competitive advantage and offers significant opportunities:

- to improve energy efficiency and reduce cost through carbon-efficient operations,

- to innovate and to increase your market share from providing low-carbon products and services,

- to gain experience and to better manage the risks in the carbon markets,

- to prepare for any future regulatory requirements by internalizing the price of carbon,

- to strengthen your CSR strategy and to mobilize your people and your stakeholders.

Measuring and managing the carbon footprint of your company enables to focus attention on improving energy use, to set and to commit to emission targets and to implement a saving strategy by implementing emissions reduction opportunities.

CLIMACT provides strategic and innovative solutions to reduce costs and improve corporate image

CLIMACT partners with your organization by assessing and reporting on carbon footprint, developing & implementing carbon reduction strategies, offsetting residual emissions through high-quality carbon offsets, then developing and communicating environmental policies and results.


- Strategic carbon consulting taking into consideration risks and opportunities linked to the regulatory, financial, economic and marketing aspects of climate change

- Carbon footprint assessment based on robust and widely accepted methodology (GHG Protocol, Bilan Carbone™, ISO 14064)


- Technical and financial analysis of emissions reductions opportunities and implementation of action plan

- Offset emissions that cannot be reduced locally through the financing of emissions reductions projects. These projects comply with the highest quality requirements (Kyoto Protocol, Gold Standard) and are approved by CLIMACT independent scientific committee


- Education and internal and external communication

- Leverage communication to consistently improve brand image and coherence.

CLIMACT is dedicated to show highest degree of credibility though the use of high standards and internationally recognized methodologies, highest quality of Kyoto CDM carbon credits (CERs) and world-class scientific expertise with its Scientific Orientation committee.


Kone KONE ( ) provides complete and innovative solutions for the installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators, escalators and automatic doors and is one of the global leaders in its industry. KONE's has annual net sales of EUR 4.1 billion and approximately 32,500 employees.

KONE has asked CLIMACT to perform a carbon footprint assessment of its worldwide operations, to set CO2 targets for the coming years and to identify the concrete reduction pathways to achieve their targets. KPI's, external and internal benchmarking and comparison with other industrial actors have been realized to further enhance the carbon performance of KONE.

Ulrika Ridderstrale, SVP Environment at KONE: "CLIMACT assessment helped KONE to move forward on our journey to reduce the CO2 emissions in two ways: first, by confirming that our ongoing initiatives focus on the right actions and secondly, by helping us in planning for further efforts focusing on the right priorities. CLIMACT has understood our business model perfectly well, and has made a significant contribution. The project has delivered well above expectations and we are pleased with the development of our next collaboration areas".


Carmeuse ( ) is a leading global producer of lime, with more than 140 years of experience in the extraction and processing of high calcium limestone and dolomitic stone into lime and lime-related products for many different industrial customers.

CLIMACT has delivered a full analysis on the possibilities to generate verified emissions reductions from lime manufacturing plants and has made a strategic recommendation to the Group.

SOLVIN ( ) is a joint venture of SOLVAY and BASF in the Vinyl sector with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tons of PVC. It has annual net sales exceeding EUR 1 billion and approximately 2,000 employees.

In line with the SOLVAY sustainable development strategy, SOLVIN has asked CLIMACT to measure the carbon emissions due to transport within Europe, to develop the relevant indicators to monitor the carbon emissions, and to propose strategic recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport activities.

Christian Backaert, Supply Chain Manager SOLVIN: I am very pleased with the work performed by CLIMACT. They have developped a robust and pragmatic approach to identify the CO2 emission of our transport activities and have suggested the right strategy and methodology to tackle these emissions in the future. I am looking forward to the future developments of our collaboration.


CSR Europe ( ). is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility, with around 80 multinational corporations and 25 national partner organisations as members.

CSR Europe mission is to support member companies in integrating CSR into the way they do business, every day. CSR Europe's "Equipped for CSR" event on 4 December 2008 was carbon neutral. CSR Europe has selected CLIMACT as carbon offset partner and the Wind Electricity Generation Project situated in Devarkulam, India.

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