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190221 Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster-H2

Dans un contexte de niveaux élevés de pollution et de menace de changement climatique radical, l'hydrogène peut offrir des solutions dans les domaines du stockage de l'énergie. Constitue-t-il cependant une alternative viable, techniquement et économiquement, aux combustibles fossiles ? Participez à l'événement du 21 février prochain au Luxembourg pour obtenir des réponses ! Celui-ci est organisé par le cluster luxembourgeois AutoMobility, en partenariat avec le Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps, membre du cluster TWEED.


190221 Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster-H2


High levels of pollution and the threat of drastic climate change have created strong pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen can offer solutions in fields ranging from transport to energy storage, but is it really a technically and economically viable alternative to fossil fuel?

This conference will be an opportunity to listen to experts from universities, research centres and automotive companies who will unveil ways of using hydrogen that could result in new business opportunities. They will explore the technical challenges and solutions of H2/FCH deployment from the perspective of the whole ecosystem – production and distribution, mobility applications, industrial and energy use, and residential CHP.

The programme will include technical conferences as well as an exhibition and demos. Keynote speakers from companies & institutions like University of Birmingham, Engie, FClab, H2SYS, LIST, Hinicio and IZES have already confirmed their participation. A detailed programme will be communicated shortly.

Targeting the Greater Region and beyond, this event is organised by the Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster in collaboration with Autoregion and Campus Francorchamps.


Le 21/02/2019
Casino 2000 | Rue Flammang | L-5618 Mondorf-les-Bains