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20190430 ET2025

Le 30 avril prochain, la veille des élections, une coalition de fédérations, liées au secteur environnemental et de l'énergie, donnera la parole aux divers experts en énergie des principaux partis politiques. Désireux de connaître les propositions de ces derniers en matière de transition énergétique ? Découvrez le programme complet et inscrivez-vous sans tarder.


20190430 ET2025


On the eve of the elections of May 26 climate change has risen to the top of the deciding issues. Most everyone agrees a transition to a sustainable energy system will be essential to keeping climate change at acceptable levels.

But how do we get there?

A coalition of energy and environmental federations gives the floor to the energy experts of the main political parties. We want to know what their solutions are to shift the balance, what we can expect from them in the next five years, and what their long-term projects are. Join us for a deep dive into energy policy and visions.

The political panel will lead into a seminar on one of the hottest current energy policy proposals: the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism or CRM, intended to ensure electricity supply in Belgium after the nuclear power plants close in 2025.

The general law proposal is advancing but most operational aspects remain to be decided. Key decision makers will open the seminar by setting the policy scene.

In the media the discussion was reduced to how many new and existing large gas fired power plants are necessary to replace the nuclear capacity. But that is way too narrow.

Other more innovative and future proofed technologies have not received the same attention, and their role and potential may be underestimated: storage (electricity or heat, decentral or utility scale), demand side management (industrial, residential, hydrogen electrolysis), small scale decentral generation (cogeneration using natural or biogas, geothermal), electric vehicles (charging and V2G) – stand-alone or aggregated...

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges for decades to come. Be inspired by innovative solutions that today address the challenges of tomorrow.

It is possible to participate in one or multiple parts of the event. Please indicate your preference during registration.


Le 30/03/2019
Brussels 44 Center - Passage 44, Boulevard du Jardin | 1000 Bruxelles