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Nouveau rapport : European And International Initiatives Towards Energy Transition


L'ETIP SNET, European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition, vient de publier un nouveau rapport dédié aux synergies et complémentarités des initiatives européennes et internationales pour la Transition énergétique. Ce document propose une analyse des principales organisations qui agissent, sur une base quotidienne, pour la recherche de solutions permettant une profonde transformation de notre système énergétique, et vise à informer les autorités publiques sur les priorités de financement et programmes de recherche et développement à mettre en oeuvre.



The European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition launches a new report entitled: “Synergies and complementarities of European and International Initiatives towards Energy Transition”.

In June 2018, the European Technology and Innovation Platform “Smart Networks for Energy Transition”, ETIP SNET, released its Vision 2050 for the Energy system, a vision of “systems of systems”, in which the conversion from power to gas, from heat to liquid and back to power will be seamless. In such a vision, the maximisation of the use of all type of renewables will be possible, allowing to meet environmental challenges, bringing affordable energy to societies while ensuring security of supply.

Such a vision cannot come alone, one of the key recommendations of the vision is to: “achieve fully- coordinated participation of all ETIP SNET stakeholders in all energy systems areas, avoiding silo visions, missions, roadmaps and implementation plans.” The new report aims for this exact objective, breaking down barriers and silos, getting to know who does what in Europe and at a Global level in the energy system areas which will contribute to the achievement of the Vision 2050 devised by ETIP SNET.

This document proposes an analysis of the key organisations that act on a daily basis to research priorities that allow a deep transformation of our energy system, informing public authorities who can make the transformation happen on where to prioritise funding and putting such recommendations into practice with research and development programmes.

The report, prepared with the support of the European Commission funded INTENSYS4EU project, will help you find your way into the labyrinth of EU and Global organisations and also proposes some recommendations with regards to where research gaps exist today, and which areas are not covered enough with the spectrum of organisations which can help implement such vision.

The INTENSYS4EU team would like to thank the authors of the new guide and hope that you will find it useful in your own daily contribution to the energy transition.