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ELIOSYS offers the services of its cutting edge installations to all companies active in the thermal solar or photovoltaic energy business.

Thanks to its climate simulators able to reproduce virtually any type of climatic conditions which can be encountered on earth, ELIOSYS is active both in solar converters testing and certification as well as in the characterization of any material under specific environmental conditions.

In order to achieve the best possible repeatability, combined with reactivity and delivery times impossible to match with outdoor testing, ELIOSYS has designed its own equipment in compliance with the latest international standards.

The accuracy of our work is guaranteed by our team of specialized engineers as well as through our very close collaboration with research centers and universities

Domains of specialization

  • B - Solar photovoltaic


Boulevard de Colonster, 4 p56
4000 LIEGE, Belgique
+32 4 361 59 98
BE 0817.828.477


Peeters Serge
Customer Service Officer
+32 4 361 59 07

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