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  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation

Derbigum provides customized innovative and sustainable solutions for roofs and buildings to save energy and costs, produce renewable energy, increase the sustainability as well as decrease the carbon footprint of buildings.

Derbigum is the obvious partner for your roof and photovoltaic installation because :

- Financially strong industrial partner with a proven record of service
- More than 75 years market leader in waterproofing
- Turnkey, custom made photovoltaic solutions
- Flexible possibilities for financing
- 20 year guarantee on the waterproofing
- 20 year guarantee on the photovoltaic systems
- Complete maintenance of your roof and PV installation
- Monitoring and Reporting of photovoltaic systems

Domains of specialization

  • B - Solar photovoltaic


Parc Industriel
1360 PERWEZ, Belgique
+32 81 65 43 63
BE 0400.484.591


Bertrand Eric
R&D Project leader
+32 81 65 43 63

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