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  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation

Founded in 1978, Balteau designs and builds pumping, sewage management and drinking water facilities.

Thanks to its process mastering, Balteau considers most suitable solutions for its customers, integrating investment cost constraints and operating-related constraints.

Its design office, both in the fields of electricity and mechanics, its manufacturing and assembly teams make it possible to offer unique service to its customers.

Balteau has a long experience and many references in embedded or distance process control of water distribution networks and pumping, management or purification stations.

Since March 2007, through its repurchase by the civil engineering company Galère (www.galere.be), Balteau has integrated the Koninklijke BAM Groep nv, and currently is a subsidiary company of Bam Wallonie (www.bam.nl).

Products / Services

Balteau is active in the Biogas sector ( pumping, installation, valorization, etc.) and in sludge treatment.

Domains of specialization

  • C - Distribution & Installation


Rue de la Légende, 63
4141 Sprimont, Belgique
+32 4 253 22 24
+32 4 252 31 15
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