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Actility provides Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services via the ThingPark platform. Actility is also a smart energy management and demand response service provider via Actility Energy.

As a demand response aggregator, Actility provides a range of applications designed to optimize electrical energy demand management as part of the “Smart Grid.” Actility is also an Internet of Things operator via our ThingPark enabler platform.

Products / Services

Actility has developed several tools to respond to current challenges regarding the Internet of Things and Smart Grids.The SmartDR® solution is a set of tools designed to optimize a whole series of industrial processes in real-time.

This technology already makes it possible for Actility Benelux to support the Elia network (R3DP tertiary reserves and SDR strategic reserves).

The ThingPark Wireless solution is a very effective Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication network. The technology allows two-way communication with the advantage of both long range and low power (LPWA Technology). In July 2015, Proximus started rolling out its LoRa™ (Long Range, Low Power) network in collaboration with Actility. KPN (Pays-Bas) also began their LoRa™rollout in collaboration with Actility. LoRa™ technology is ideal for effectively connecting objects to the Internet.

Actility is currently participating in the STORY project (Horizon 2020). The objective of the project is to show how energy storage technologies add value to current and future energy markets.

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  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • B - Energy Storage
  • B - Smart Grids
  • C - Studies & design


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