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Skywin's strategy

The development strategy of the cluster actually differs depending on the targeted sector (Aeronautics or Space). Indeed, important differences exist in the market segment organizations but also in the interdependency between industrial and institutional actors.

  • For Aeronautics, Skywin essentially aims at supporting the development of high-tech products, meeting the market demand. In order to do so, it is of utmost importance to support SME's in their technological innovation path. The objective is to bring our SME's at a true international leadership position in their respective domains. This strategic development implicitly requires the creation of new activities in Wallonia but also foreign investments in our region. Last but not least, Skywin also aims at increasing the competitiveness level by means of innovation.

  • For Space, the priority goes to the development of space applications and related services. Besides, Skywin also aims at supporting the development of earth observation instruments. The cluster is actively supporting the technological transfer and the spin-off creation, especially when related to space technologies that are recognized as "standard". Furthermore, Skywin acts as a lever for new technological developments, in good intelligence and coordination with the federal space industry policy (i.e. Belspo - The Belgian Science Policy).