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Any-Shape is a company dedicated to Additive technologies for industry. Any-Shape covers the whole value chain in Additive Manufacturing, with a specific focus on engineering for AM and quality assessment, based on 3 main pilars :
• engineering design for Additive Manufacturing,
• metal, plastic and composite parts production for highly competitive industries,
• quality assessment on metrology and structural integrity.

Materials :
Polyamide, Alumide (PA alu reinforced), PA glass bead filled, ABS-like, composites (PA + carbon, glass, Kevlar fibres)

Certification : EN 9100 (in progress)


Rue de la Digue, 37
4400 Flémalle, Belgique
+32 4 223 00 95
BE 0644.445.234


Herry Bertrand
General Manager
+32 4 223 00 95