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Open Engineering

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Type de membre

  • Entreprise (PME)

Présentation générale

Open Engineering designs, develops and sells a multi-physics software toolkit named OOFELIE::Multiphysics® for modeling and design of electro, thermal, optical and mechanical systems, integrating electrostatic effects, acoustics, phase change and fluids.

Open Engineering also provides project and product design services, and participates in joint industry and academia R&D partnerships for the next generation of sensors and actuators, including micro technologies constraints. Multi-physics simulation capabilities including fluids, heat transfer, stress/deformation, acoustics, electrostatics, and other disciplines make our integrated platform powerful to design complex devices and complete systems. Oofelie framework is a design flow software tool for rapid virtual prototyping, parametric simulations, and design optimization for electromechanical systems. It automatically generates meshes from parametric geometries, solves complete multi-physics problems, and provides customized parametric designs.

Domaines de spécialisation

  • Industrie
  • Simulation et ingénierie numérique


Rue du Bois Saint-Jean, 15/01
4102 Seraing, Belgique
+32 4 353 30 34
BE 0476.335.227


De Vincenzo Pascal
General Manager
++32 4 372 93 45