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The SEGEFA is a laboratory of the Geography Department integrated in the Faculty of Science of the University of Liege.
Created in 1985 and managed since then by Bernadette MERENNE-SCHOUMAKER, Ordinary Professor, the SEGEFA developed two axes of expertise :
on the one hand, the optimisation of the localization of the economic activities (industries, craft industries, retails, services, etc) and, on the other hand, the territorial development. The studies are carried out at different scales (municipal, urban, provincial, regional, national or international).
The SEGEFA is also involved in several European projects. In terms of localization, the SEGEFA lead more than 200 studies related to multifunctional projects or more specifically to parks of economic activities, brownfield regeneration, retail developments, offices (city centres or business parks) or even to accomodations.
For most cases, the aim of the study is to suggest or to evaluate adequate functions to develop on site considering the project or to optimise the localization choices.

At the same time, the SEGEFA also carried out evaluations in terms of local and regional development.
It currently employs 5 researchers and a graphic designer. Guénal DEVILLET, Doctor in geographical science and having a complementary degree in town and country planning and in urbanism, is its deputy director.


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