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We are located in Belgium, in the province of Luxembourg at the E411-E25 motorway crossroads, close to Luxembourg, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Our geographical location is ideal, in the heart of one of the most powerful economic regions in Europe. Our logistics platform is an important asset in our flows management. Thanks to its geographical position at the heart of a region where economic activity is highly concentrated, our customers have a decisive anchor point in order to optimize the supply and services to the ultimate consumer. We ensure stock management by combining the latest technologies to enable a seamless traceability of the products. We have also introduced new computer tools to enable our customers to follow the management of their stock in real time, 24h/24 and this via a simple Internet access. Every day, we have vehicles in the regions of Lille, Sedan, Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg, Colmar, Antwerp, Courtrai (Kortrijk), Charleroi, Liege, Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Eindhoven.

Products / Services

With our ideal location, we have the opportunity to serve 58 million consumers in just a 4h drive. In addition to benefiting from our rapid response and our flexibility, it is a great advantage for our customers because they have the assurance of an optimum management of their flows of goods, with a minimum risk of supply disruption. Integrated into our other activities, stock management completes a range of efficient services to give entire satisfaction to our customers. Customs agency We are able to manage the flow of goods on a global scale by combining a series of complementary transportation means: plane, train, boat, truck.


Chaussée de Bastogne 100, Longlier
6840 Neufchâteau, Belgique
+32 61 27 75 50
+32 61 27 90 39
BE 0859.592.620


Pierret Emmanuel
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