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Integrated logistics and transport. Supplying major distribution chains (CORA, MATCH, etc) with fresh products in impeccable conditions of hygiene is the challenge Stef Courcelles has to meet on a daily basis.
In its Courcelles facility, where it established its premises in 1999, Stef Courcelles stocks fresh seafood, meat and meat products, fruit and vegetables, pastries and poultry under strict control by the Belgian food safety authorities.
It also ensures their transport, thereby offering its customers a unique and secure route for their supplies with freshness and nothing but freshness guaranteed from Stef Courcelles's site to the supermarket shelves.
Flawless organisation With an annual volume of 55,000 tonnes of merchandise managed in a tight flow, Stef Courcelles was obliged to put in place a flexible organization to respond rapidly to its customers'needs.
The 90 people who make up the Stef Courcelles team meet the demands of the company's contractors 24 hours a day, six days a week, while complying to strict safety standards and current social legislation.
This respect for staff ensures that both Stef Courcelles and its customers will enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Products / Services

Logistic services in fresh food products.


Rue de Hainaut 40
6180 Courcelles, Belgique
+32 71 46 98 00
+32 71 46 98 01
BE 0460.804.735


Morel Gauthier
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