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SPA Monopole

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  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation

Spa Monopole belongs to Spadel Group. Spadel is an industrial international group with activities focused on the bottling and marketing of natural mineral waters, and also a varied range of soft drinks and fruit syrups. Spadel comprises five bottling facilities: Spa Monopole, Bru-Chevron in Belgium, Brecon in Wales (UK) and Wattwiller in Alsace (France).

Products / Services

Three mineral waters springs are marketing under the brand Spa: Spa Reine, Spa Barisart et Spa Marie-Henriette. Products based on Spa mineral water are also marketing: the range of sparkling and non sparkling soft drinks: Spa&Fruit and Spa Citron vitamine C. Bottling of natural mineral waters & soft drinks.


Rue Auguste Laporte 34
4900 Spa, Belgique
+32 87 79 43 00
+32 87 79 42 35
BE 0420.834.005


Fanielle Laurent
Manager Production Planning & Procurement
++32 87 79 41 11