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  • Company (Large enterprise)

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A true partner in transports and logistics who's able to control the entire supply chain.
A high degree of computerisation, an organisation well-equipped for day and night transport, well-equipped for handling peaks.
A few figures:
- Turnover:38 mlns
- Staff: 302
- Fleat 170,
- warehouse in m2: 60.000.
A few references: Spa, Guylian, Georgia Pacific, Santens, Compo, Omega Pharma Members of the G.SNEL GROUP: G.SNEL TRANSPORT BELGIUM NV,RYCHLOTRANS, G.SNEL LOGISTICS BELGIUM NV, WATERFRONT BV et ANTRAGO NV.

Products / Services

Tranport: core business lies in the Benelux, France & Germany, distribution and full truck loads, more than 70% consists of just-in-time tranport, 80% fast moving consumer goods, volume combinations up to 38 europallets, tracking and tracing on the level of the pallets.
Logistics: conditioned and conventional goods, Seveso (environment, ADR), identification of goods by using the EAN barcode resulting in 100% traceability and correct stock situation in accordance with the General Food Law.
Partner in tranport and logistics for your entire supply chain.


E3- Laan 62
9800 Deinze, Belgique
+32 93 81 51 00
+32 9 386 88 09
BE 0466.757.367


Snel Gert
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