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  • Company (Large enterprise)

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ROSIER is a mineral fertiliser manufacturer based in Moustier (Belgium) since 1880 and is part of the TOTAL Group chemical division.
ROSIER has 2 mainly ranges :
- the ROSAFERT® range primarily comprises simple and compound PK and NPK granulated fertilisers ,
- Specialty fertilisers from the ROSALIQ® and ROSASOL® ranges are essentially designed for the greenhouse, foliar complementary nutrition or fertirrigation markets.

ROSIER is able to cater for all nutritional needs of any plant under any climate, which probably explains why ROSIER is established in over 80 countries.

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Fertiliser manufacturer.


Route de Grandmetz 11a
7911 Moustier, Belgique
+32 69 87 15 10
+32 69 87 17 00
BE 0401.256.237


De Rudder Corinne
Logistics Supervisor
++32 69 87 15 53