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Superbly located in the heart of the densest navigable network in Europe called the Rhine-Scheldt-Meuse basin (20.000 km), Liege Port Authority, first Belgian inland port, created in 1937, develops, maintains and promotes commercial activity in the 31 harbours located along the Meuse river and the Albert canal in the Liege province (total surface of 369 hectares).
The missions of Liege Port Authority are:
- To realize all extension and improvements of the infrastructures needed for economical use of its lands
- To grant concessions and authorizations to private companies and third parties
- To equip ports and to regulate use of equipments
- To regulate all movements and mooring of boats in the public ports.

Liege Port Authority is the third largest European inland port in terms of tonnages handled, with more than 20 millions tons per year.
Liege Port Authority develops a multimodal logistic park of 100 ha called Liège Trilogiport located on the banks of the Albert Canal in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau.
This site will be equipped with a container terminal covering 15 hectares and a 1750 meters quayside. Liege Trilogiport is the ideal hinterland location for large distribution and handling centres interested in the proximity of Germany and the Netherlands.
This platform will be a real "logistic village" at the heart of Europe.

Products / Services

The facilities of Liege Port Authority are:
- 26 km of quaysides
- 366 ha of port lands
- Two container terminal (3 hectares)
- A covered dock (26 m/110 m)
- Roll-on /roll-off quay
- Storage oil tanks (226.500m2)
- 100 cranes, 33 weighbridges, several lifting devices
- 65 storage and handling warehouses (15 ha covered)
- Accessibility to push convoys up to 4 500 tons and to coasters up to 2 500 t
- Grain elevators (50 000m2)
- Sand and gravel hoppers (60 000 tons)

Liege Port Authority owns a container terminal in Renory (surface of 2,5 hectares), offering solutions for integrated logistics (storage, stuffing / unstuffing, container cleaning, container fumigation, customs services.
This tri-modal container terminal offers 3 times a week shuttles between Liege and the Antwerp Port (156 TEU each). Rotterdam is also served on demand.


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Quai de Maastricht 14
4000 Liège, Belgique
+32 4 232 97 97
+32 4 223 11 09
BE 0202.414.452


Bertrand Emile-Louis
Directeur général
++32 4 232 97 86