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  • Company (SME)

General presentation

NEW T.R.M. S.A. is a company specialised in bulk carriage with trailers in various configurations and is present in the following activity segments:
- Civil engineering, industry, agricultural products,
- SNCB, national railway company of Belgium, as far as the infrastructure work of the TGV is concerned,
- Carriage of all bulk goods,
- Bundling of quarry products between the production sites and from the production sites to the water- and railways ,
- Bulk carriage of ready-mix concrete.
New T.R.M. S.A. creates a real partnership with its customers on all levels in order to establish a good understanding and confidence in the work. The personnel trained to do so is the first representative of the company in the daily contacts with the customers. The aim is to guarantee an optimal monitoring.
The geographical area covered by the activities of the company stretches currently to the 3 areas of Belgium and the neighbour countries.

Products / Services

Bulk carriage with trailers.


Rue Abbé Pietkin 21
4950 Sourbrodt, Belgique
+32 499 51 90 23
+32 80 44 48 53
BE 0473.880.632


Ligot Anthony
Dispatcher, Assistant logistique
++32 499 51 90 23