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n-Side is a management consulting company designing innovative integrated optimization solutions to facilitate complex business decision-making processes.
Its approach is based on state-of-the-art analytics and mathematical modeling as a way to support companies unlocking value by:
Maximizing efficient use of resources Increasing revenues 
Reducing risks
n-Side serves its customers globally in sectors such as steel, pharmaceutical, logistics, and power industries.
Take a look at our new website.  You will find a detailed presentation of our approach.  Several business cases are illustrated in the section 'cases; presenting our experience in different sectors. http://www.n-side.com

Products / Services

n-Side offer tools and services too enhance the client's decision process by providing him with both an easily and rapidly accessible decision-making tool enabling him to achieve his business objectives.
For the Pharmaceutical industry, n-Side offers a simulation and optimization tool for clinical trial supply forecasting.
For Logistics, n-Side offers several services and customized decision tools to empower its clients to make better business decisions through a quantitative approach.
For example, typical issues are supply chain management, distribution network configuration, or decision-making in a multimodal context


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