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Since more then 10 years, Multitel has extended his skills in R&D and became a strategic partner in technical innovation.
Both at the regional and the european level, with its participation in more than 22 european projects (in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes) and in EUREKA projects.
Multitel's mission, with its 60 collaborators dispatched in 5 technical departments, is to promote innovation by providing market-driven scientific and technical support for developing , implementing and monitoring new technologies.
Today, Multitel's activities are articulated around 5 fields :
- Applied Photonics :
Design and prototyping of fi ber lasers and optical sensors
Optical metrology (on-site measurements and calibration of optical equipments in lab)
Material processing by high-power fi ber lasers (operating with CW and pulsed laser sources)
- Network Engineering :
Design and monitoring of new projects for data networks
Global auditing of data networks
Security analysis and improvements
Wireless networks : site surveys, support to deployment, technical surveys,...;
VoIP and VoWi-Fi : design and support to deployment
- Speech and Signal Processing :
Development of multimodal speech centric man-machine
Interfaces RFID : wireless monitoring of distributed sensors (WSN) & real-time positioning system (RTLS)
EMC pre-compliance tests and measurements
- Image Processing :
Image and video processing for multimedia and video surveillance
Tools for interactive classifi cation of multimedia and 3D data
Software/hardware solutions for machine vision (inspection and quality control)
Railway Certification
Laboratoire européen de référence pour les normes ERTMS

Besides these activities, Multitel offers high-tech training courses covering large technical topics such as : Red Hat Certification, network engineering, photonics, programming,…

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Voice picking, RFID traceability, robust "indoor" localisation system, industrial vision, container video-identification.


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