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Type of member

  • Public actor

General presentation

IDEA is the economic development agency of the regions of Mons-Borinage and the Center.
It fulfills missions as regards:
- management of hosting infrastructures (parks of economic activity, real estates) ,
- service and support to the companies (project assessment, access to financing means...),
- management of the ground (urban studies and regional planning),
- attractivity of the investments (prospection of the foreign and local investors),
- local and regional development.

Products / Services

Equipped multimodal logistics estate and industrial parks, warehouses and production halls for rent, support and advice to companies. Economic Development Agency.


Rue de Nimy 53
7000 Mons, Belgique
+32 65 37 57 11
+32 65 34 69 54
BE 0201.105.843


Finet Geneviève
Chef du Service Développement Economique
++32 65 37 57 08