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  • Training actor

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In our particular subject areas, which emphasize social, economic and pedagogical areas, the Haute Ecole of the Province of Liège Léon-Eli Troclet has developed a strong reputation for excellence in research and in providing students with the professional environment that will become theirs.
In addition, we have developed partnerships with other similar institutions, whether in the French Community or at international level.

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Bachelor in communication, bachelor in multimedia writing, bachelor in transport management and logistics, .... Haute Ecole.


Etablissement public
Avenue Montesquieu 6
4101 Jemeppe s/ Meuse, Belgique
+32 4 237 95 87
+32 4 237 96 33
BE 0162.096.042


Perpinien Geoffrey
Coordinateur de la section Gestion des transports et logistique
++32 497 45 77 79