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Garsou Angenot

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  • Company (SME)

General presentation

Well over a hundred years old, the Garsou-Angenot company has always been specialised in groupage activities.
With highly effective logistics infrastructures in the heart of the Euregio' region of Europe, our company also offers various logistics services including storage, stock management, order preparation, packaging and labelling.
The department specialising in air freight is located in Brucargo, from where Garsou-Angenot undertakes airborne deliveries throughout the whole world, whether for a simple parcel or a complete charter.
Another of our specialities is the handling of perishable and frozen goods.

Products / Services

Transport & Logistic - Fret forwarder.


Rue Abot 5 Z.I. des Plénesses
4890 Thimister-Clermont, Belgique
+32 87 32 44 20
+32 87 32 44 29
BE 0402.335.214


Capelle Cédric
++32 87 32 44 21