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Forem - Direction Formation et Compétences - Hainaut Centre et Sud

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Forem Formation Logistic Skill Centres in Liège and La Louvière provides trainings to job seekers, workers and to final year students. These training responds to company's demand: the themes, contents and objectives are based on skills profiles for the required workforce. The centres provides a wide range of training programmes for warehouse managers & supervisors, logistics and supply chain managers, transport and logistics specialists, safety advisers, dispatchers, warehouse operators, forklift drivers, freight handlers, truck drivers and bridge crane operators, inland navigation operator, international logistics, food logistics, etc... In order to respond to the demand of the inland water transport sector, the centre has developed a new training programme using a training ship to help job seekers to develop their skills in inland navigation.

Products / Services

Development and organisation of trainings in the following fields: - Truck driver - Bus driver - Inland navigation operator - Warehouse operator - Lift truck driver - Pick and pack operator - Bridge Crane operator - Safety advisers in Transport - Customs brokers - Logistics employees and Managers: dispatcher, fleet manager, warehouse manager, procurement analyst, production planner, distribution agent, logistic assistant, Technician in Logistics or Supply Chain Manager. Development and implementation of pedagogic tools: - Truck Driver simulator - E-learning Modules - Use of Logistics management softwares. Training Centre in Transport and Logistics.


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7110 Houdeng-Goegnies, Belgique
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