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BRRC (the Road Research Centre) is a public utility research institute created in 1952 at the request of the federation of Belgian road contractors, pursuant to a decree-law of 1947 (the so-called De Groote act) aimed at promoting industrial research. It aspires to be an impartial advanced technology centre, at the forefront of highway-based technology serving the entire sector. BRRC caters for the needs of both road contractors and public administrations in charge of road management. The Centre supports a broad vision of the highway sector, regarded as a key component of a comprehensive, safe, intelligent and sustainable transport system refl ecting the needs of all users, the environment, and the socioeconomic situation.

Products / Services

BRRC's activities are centred on three core tasks: Research, development and innovation enhancement; Assistance tor the professio Tests, check tests and expert studies. The Centre's main fields of activity are: mobility; road safety; geotechnics and the environment; road paving and concrete surfaces, the structural design of infrastructures; asphalt surfaces; bridge deck and roof top car park surfacing; the management of road infrastructure; drainage; and standardization and certification.


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1200 Bruxelles, Belgique
+32 2 775 82 20
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Chef de Division Mobilité, Sécurité et Gestion de la route
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