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Our handling agent LACHS (Liege Air Cargo Handling Services)'s modern and sophisticated logistics center- is strategically located at Liege Airport, Belgium, the heart of Western Europe . LACHS enables C.A.L. to offer its clients top quality services, such as ramp handling, customs clearance (24 hours a day), ULDS, build-up, documentation, storage (general and cold), distribution, and other added-value logistics services.

Products / Services

C.A.L. carries approximately 100,000 tons of cargo annually, exporting from Israel fresh agricultural produce and industrial materials, to importing heavy machinery, automobiles, sensitive and sophisticated industrial and scientific equipment, livestock and hazardous materials from all over the world. We are a organized, managed air cargo company which offers a tailor made service that meets each client's individual requirements. We have two wide body 747-200F aircrafts, each with an over 110 ton capacity, and with special nose and side loading cargo doors specifically designed to accommodate cargo of exceptionally large size and unusual shape.


Liege Airport - Hall de Frêt 2
4460 Grâce-Hollogne, Belgique
+32 4 234 73 75
+32 4 234 34 90
BE 0459.890.856


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