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The "Foreign Investment" department of AWEX was established by the Walloon government in order to attract and facilitate direct foreign investment into Wallonia. Companies considering setting up or extending their commercial and industrial activities in Wallonia, can obtain information and help from the OFI and its network of international contacts free of charge. The OFI gathers information on key figures relative to the Belgian economy, on the legal and financial procedures for developing business, as well as on investment opportunities. All of this in close co-operation with other government agencies, with local authorities and with sectorial and professional organisations. This information is constantly updated and can be obtained on paper or via the OFI web site (www.investinwallonia.be). The "Foreigntrade" department realizes the same work for Belgian companies that would like to export or to established themselves abroad.

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Promotion of Walloon exportations and of foreign investment in Wallonia.


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Marcelle Jean-Pierre
Directeur Général Investissements Etrangers
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