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  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation

1. Centre of Competence for Alstom Transport (worldwide) for the design and production of auxiliary converters
2. Centre of Production of traction systems (worldwide)
3. Centre of Competence Alstom Transport for global railway signalling systems and especially for the European signalling standard ERTMS enabling full interoperability : design and implementation of projects worldwide
4. Maintenance, renovation and spare parts services for the delivered solutions.

Products / Services

Security systems : Within the framework of the TransLogisTIC project, Alstom Transport Belgium is develloping ERTMS compatible signalling systems for the freight applications. Alstom Transport takes the leadership of the interoperability in Europe in the last 10 years, Alstom has taken a leading role in the definition and implementation of the ERTMS/ETCS signalling standard.
Based on this feedback and on its 6 pilot lines, Alstom is currently the only supplier on the market to demonstrate a comprehensive range of ERTMS solutions in commercial operation : ATLASTM.
With several experiences like in Switzerland (Mattstetten-Rothrist line) and in Italy (Rome-Naples line) confirming the technological leadership of its ERTMS signaling systems, Alstom has gained a firm foothold in the interoperability in Europe. But also with the two new highspeed lines in Belgium L3 and L4 managed by Infrabel. More than ever, Alstom is one of the main drivers for open ERTMS standard and is committed to developing the standard into even greater openness.
A team of more than 600 Alstom highly-skilled employees are working on ERTMS projects providing the most efficient design, testing and installation solutions as well as after-sales services in compliance with customer requirements.
Focus on research and development As part of its strategic priorities, Alstom focused on research and development to set the ground for future growth through constant innovation and maintained leadership. Its R&D efforts address the major challenges faced today by the transport sector, including the implementing of new standards (European Rail Traffic Management System). More information on TransLogisTIC : http://www.translogistic.be


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