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On the 4th of june, INFOPOLE organized with the support of WeLL a virtual meeting wih Neuro Psychiatric Center Saint-Martin.

ON Tour St MartinThe Center welcomes and provides psychiatric care to people suffering from psychological difficulties. Depending on the pathologies, he offers short or long term treatments, in day hospitalization or stay. Specialized units provide different types of targeted care.

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On the concept of "INFOPOLE On Tour" visits, this meeting had 3 mains objectives:

  • Presentation of the challenges identified by the Neuro Psychiatric Center Saint-Martin

  • Exchanges around digital solutions and pitches of INFOPOLE members

  • Presentation of the DIGI-B-CUBE call for projects and funding avenues.

The hospital have a clear approach on the strategic will and a transparency on the future challenges which allowed structured and rich exchanges in return of experience! The IT expertise of INFOPOLE members was completed by the participation of experts in ethics, GDPR and legislation.

The innovative and transdisciplinary nature of the exchanges was particularly appreciated by the participants and suggests good prospects for collaboration.


The hospital has identified a 5-year master plan to boost digitalization based on:

  • Computerized patient record
  • Data network in the hospital
  • Géoloc RFID (stray patients, dead man detection, ...)
  • Paperless, avoid double encoding
  • Secured emails
  • Early diagnosis of psychosis via Artificial Intelligence
  • Distance group therapy


  • Financing
  • Resistance to changes by caregivers
  • Conception of the profession (fear of becoming too administrative)


Thanks to its network INFOPOLE connected the hospital with interdisciplinary IT experts. The hospital has alaready identified potential partners that it will contact as the digital plan evolves.

Futhermore, two projects related to the early diagnosis of psychoses will certainly be submitted as part of the European project DIGI-B-Cube.

Focus on our Digital Experts

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  • Biotech & Pharmas: SANOFI GENZYME, GSK, ZenTech, KiOmed pharma,...
  • CROs & Service Companies: artialis, Aepodia, Tools 4 Patient,...
  • Laboratories & Research institutions: ULB, UCL, VIB, de Duve INSTITUTE, biogazelle,...
  • Clinical institutions: CHU Liège, CHU Saint-Pierre, CLINIC Barcelona, KU Leuven, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc Bruxelles,...

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DIGIBCUBE-LogoDIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under Program Horizon 2020 by European Union (EU), will foster the creation of solutions by providing innovative small and medium enterprises (SME) in the EU and associate countries with access to vouchers of up to € 60,000 to develop prototypes and customized solutions for health sector.

The voucher scheme call will be launched in April 2020 but SMEs can start engaging in the project activities in the coming months by joining the project's sectoral and cross-sectoral workshops, as well as, matchmaking sessions.

Through DIGI-B-CUBE website, companies will also be able to interact with the consortium, identify potential partner SMEs, access digital services and contribute for the elaboration of an action plan that suits their needs. Besides providing resources for the development of cutting-edge solutions, DIGI-B-CUBE will facilitate the identification of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Digital Technologies which can be applied by the Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking industries through a matchmaking platform which is scheduled to be launched also in April 2020.

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