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On the 04th of december, INFOPOLE organized with the support of CETIC, WeLL, MedTech Wallonia & BioWin a virtual matchmaking devoted to medical data exploitation and opportunities between stakeholders from ICT and health sector.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-07 à 09.07.57The participants had the opportunity to discover and meet the SMEs participating in the INAH project, a unique portal for processing health data and ensuring compliance with the ethical constraints of data protection.

A good inspiration of ethical exploitation of medical data for the future candidates to the DIGI-C-CUBE open call.

This pilot device will allow universities, companies developing innovative health solutions but also actors involved in fundamental and applied research to send a request to a single platform which will analyze this request on the basis of secure health data. INAH will then not share the patient data, which remains in the secure environment of the platform and the Walloon Health Network, but the results of a statistical analysis of the correlations obtained...

Objective: to identify certain predictive elements of future pathologies or the eligibility of a patient for treatment. INAH will then cross-reference these predictions with the health data and inform the doctor maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the patient of the risks incurred and the therapeutic solutions available.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-07 à 09.11.16 The project leader Mohamed Boukhebouze from CETIC explained the functioning, the societal and economic impacts as well as the collaboration opportunities of the platform.

After that, DNAlytics, an SME already using the platform presented a use case of Data Analytics in rheumatology treatment. The presentations were completed by a Lawyer who participated to the project in order to garantee the legal and ethical exploitation of the data.

6 SMEs from the health and digital fields had than the opportunity to present their project ideas with an application in the field of medical diagnostics and avenues for using health data such as the one developed through INAH.

The event had 4 main goals:

  1. to present the DIGIBCUBE project, its objectives, work-plan methodology in supporting SMEs in securing new funding schemes and facilitating synergies

  2. to inspire participant with a project in medical data exploitation in a legal and ethical manner

  3. to give the opportunity to ICT and health professionals to present an innovative solution or project idea

  4. to connect SMEs and create potential collaborations to apply for the DIGI-B-CUBE open call


Focus on Digital solutions

DNAlytics develops data mining and data analysis solutions for the medical community, both in R&D and in product implementation

Andaman7A7 provides secured medical records to be shared privately between doctors and patients on iPad & iPhone. Medical information is safely stored and exchanged, ensuring proper communication and facilitating an accurate diagnosis

ComunicareComunicare connects the patient and his healthcare team. The Comunicare platform aggregates information for the patient and collects their data to make them available to the healthcare team

GespodoGespodo offers podiatrists to outsource the design and machining of orthopedic insoles through an innovative manufacturing process and this thanks to 3D technologies

myelinH-logoMyelinH provides cutting-edge software technology for early diagnosis and remote monitoring of brain & infectious diseases

SensoMatt | EU-StartupsSensoMatt is a flexible smart sheet used underneath mattresses to predict pressure ulcer using AI and machine learning

About DIGI-B-CUBE Open Call

DIGIBCUBE-LogoDIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under Program Horizon 2020 by European Union (EU), will foster the creation of solutions by providing innovative small and medium enterprises (SME) in the EU and associate countries with access to vouchers of up to € 60,000 to develop prototypes and customized solutions for health sector.

The 2nd and last call for projects is launched until 03rd february. This open call aim to support the innovation of SMEs in the health and digital sector to meet the challenges of medical diagnostics and personalized / predictive medicine.

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