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  • R&D actor

General presentation

As an applied research centre in the field of ICT, CETIC’s mission is to support economic development by transferring the results of the most innovative research in ICT to companies, particularly SMEs. The knowledge developed by CETIC is made available to companies to help them integrate these technological breakthroughs into their products, processes and services, enabling them to innovate faster, save time and money and develop new markets.
* CETIC is continuously expanding its expertise through its active involvement in European and regional research projects.
* CETIC is a non-profi t organisation, accredited as Applied Research Center by the Walloon authorities.
* CETIC’s board is composed of industry representatives from the ICT sector and universities.
* CETIC is located on the Aeropole of Charleroi in Wallonia, Belgium.
* CETIC was founded in 2001 by the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), the University of Namur (UNAMUR) and the University of Mons (UMONS).

Products / Services

Software engineering, Electronic components and systems, Specialised telecom electronic cards, Quality management, Real time system, On-board system



Aeropole, Avenue Jean Mermoz 28
6041 CHARLEROI, Belgique
+32 71 159 362
+32 71 159 363
BE 0474.549.932


Hubaux Damien
++32 71 159 362

Key figures (Belgium)

4570000.0€ for 2014