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Puratos Group (Beldem)

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  • Entreprise (Grande entreprise)

Présentation générale

Puratos group is a world leader in the production of ingredients for bakery and pastry. Puratos group employs over 5000 people and has activities in more than 100 countries. Headquarters of the Puratos group are in Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium. Puratos group is unique due to its vertical integration : it produces its own enzymes, emulsifiers, bioflavours and yeast. To sustain these activities and its core activities Puratos group invests in research. Two levels of R&D are in place : the long term research lab and the applied research lab. Puratos Group has a long standing record of innovations in its core activities and is since 1996 sustaining its innovations by patenting. The research lab works with major universities and competence centres in Belgium, throughout Europe and in the US. Puratos has developed its core competence in fermentation through its competence center in Andenne and production plan in US and Asia.


Z.I. de Seilles, Rue Bourrie, 12
5300 ANDENNE, Belgique
+32 85 82 32 66
+32 85 82 32 60
BE 0461.959.233


GEORIS Jacques
+32 85 82 32 66