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Novasep Belgium (ex HENOGEN)

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Type of member

  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation

Novasep Belgium is the Belgian subsidiary of Novasep, a French leading producer of active biopharmaceutical ingredients and purification technologies for the life science industries. Novasep Belgium is a cGMP BL2/BL3 multi-purpose Contract Manufacturing Organization offering bioprocess development and manufacturing services from the cell bank to the supply of clinical products. Novasep Belgium is able to produce biopharmaceutical products through every expression system, including process flow-chart development, up-scaling, USP/DSP/Formulation/Fill & Finish activities, full QC laboratories and QA release.

Products / Services

Recombinant subunit vaccines, Live attenuated vaccines, Gene Therapy products, Viral vectors, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, dozens of MCB-WCB (E. coli, L. lactis, CHO, MRC-5, Vero, HEK, BHK, NIH/3T3,NS0, YB2/0,…) and MVSS-DVSS


Rue des professeurs Jeener et Brachet, 12
6041 GOSSELIES, Belgique
+32 71 34 79 00
+32 71 34 79 73
BE 0467.455.074


CMO business Development Manager
++32 71 34 79 00